Profile & expertise

Ecoinnovazione s.r.l is a consultancy firm, set up as a spin-off of ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development).

Ecoinnovazione offers customized solutions based on cutting-edge methods, the highest scientific knowledge and continuous relations with European and Italian Policy makers, to leading enterprises and Public Authorities for the assessment and communication of the environmental impacts and socio-economic values of products, organisations and territory.

Main areas of expertise, in terms of models, methods and tools applied: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCA, Life Cycle Costing and Social LCA); Product Environmental Footprint; Organisation Environmental Footprint; Carbon Footprint (product and organisation); Life Cycle Inventory datasets development; Sustainability Reports; Eco-design; Environmental Product Declarations.

Two main Ecoinnovazione key features are: i) the relationships with national and European policy makers; ii) the scientific and research-oriented solid background, which is further strengthened by our involvement in several working groups and networks at international level.


  • shares experiences and knowledge participating to international research networks on the themes of Circular Economy and sustainability assessment (e.g. is member of the Life Cycle Initiative, a public-private, multi-stakeholder partnership enabling the global use of credible life cycle knowledge by private and public decision makers, hosted by United Nation Environment).
  • has a robust knowledge and experience in sustainability (environmental, social and economic aspects) assessment of innovative technologies, participating or providing technical assistance to a number of research and innovation projects (e.g.; It is pioneering the social assessment with life cycle approach. In particular, it has participated to the review board of the Social LCA Guidelines and is presently contributing to its revision and it was the co-organiser of the 2018 world conference on Social LCA (Pescara, 10-12 September 2018).

The personnel of Ecoinnovazione is/has been:

  • appointed expert by the European Commission and by international organisations (US EPA; UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiatives);
  • chair of international scientific conferences on the topics of environmental ( and social footprints (;
  • Advisor for the Italian Ministry of Environment on Sustainable Consumption and Production Policy and Green Public Procurement, representing Italy in the Technical Advisory Board of the Product and Organisation Environmental Footprint Pilot phase and in the Steering Committee of the Global Network of Interoperable LCA Databases (GLAD) promoted by United Nation Environment and the International Forum on LCA;
  • Reviewer of technological, research and innovation programs and projects for the European Commission, Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Czech Republic, KIC Raw Materials and Italian regional authorities.

Role in the Project

Ecoinnovazione is WP5 leader, responsible for the Sustainability Assessment of the PUReSmart solution, in particular by Quantifying the advantages and circularity of PUReSmart solution, Measuring the social innovation driven by PUReSmart and integrating them in a sustainability assessment. Moreover, Ecoinnovazione is involved in the definition of the business case for PUReSmart, in particular on the development of a business plan and an exploitation plan. Finally, Ecoinnovazione particpate to the dissemination of project progresses and results, with particular focus on the sustainability and circularity of the solutions.


Paolo Masoni, Chair of the Board of Directors of Ecoinnovazione. Member of the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. Until 2017 he was working in ENEA, as Research Director, leading the LCA and Ecodesign laboratory with about 20 researchers and coordinating several large international research projects. At the time, Paolo was also the Italian representative in the Technical Advisory Board of the PEF at the European Commission, the Italian representative in the Steering Committee of the Global Network of Interoperable LCA databases and also member of the Italian Committee for Green Public Procurement. Paolo has been president of SETAC Europe and he promoted and chaired the Italian LCA Network (Associazione Rete Italiana di LCA). He cooperates with the United Nation Environment in the Life Cycle Initiative.

Alessandra Zamagni, Scientific Director of Ecoinnovazione srl since 2012. PhD in Science, with a thesis on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment. Degree in Environmental Engineering. Since 2003 she has been working on LCA applied to new technologies, LCI data quality, environmental footprints (products and organisations), life cycle-based methods for sustainability, consequential LCA, social LCA, life cycle-based methodologies for Green Public Procurement, both in European funded projects and within companies. She took part into the PEF Technical Secretariat of the Pilot on hot and cold water piping system, as external consultant, and she is appointed as external independent reviewer for LCA and PEF studies and datasets (sectors: apparel, agrofood, metals, energy-related applications, packaging, chemicals). She is appointed expert by the European Commission, by international organisations (US EPA; UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiatives), and international companies, and she is reviewer of several scientific journals and subject editor of the International Journal of LCA. She was co-chair of the SETAC Europe LCA Steering Committee (2011-2014) and member of the SETAC Global Coordination Group, and she is coordinator of the working group on Interpretation within the Social LCA Alliance, under the Life Cycle Initiative.

Gioia Garavini, MS degree in Environmental Sciences, Gioia is an experienced LCA consultant involved in several EU and national projects commissioned to Ecoinnovazione. She has extensive experience in LCA, PEF, OEF methodologies and tools for several applications in the private and public sectors such as:

  • LCA based studies (Carbon Footprint, PEF, OEF, O-LCA)
  • Development of the EPDs according to different Programme Operators (International EPD® System, IBU and INIES) and compliant with EN15804;
  • Development of the modelling for EPD tools;
  • Customized LCA analyses for the quantification of the environmental benefits related to technological innovation in several industrial sectors (metals, waste management, agriculture and livestock).

She has also an advanced user of different LCA software (GaBi, Simapro and OpenLCA) and she is in charge of the maintaining the internal verification procedures for the EPD development. On behalf of Ecoinnovazione, she is also involved in several networks at national level on circular economy and industrial symbiosis.

Francesca Reale, Degree in Architecture and PhD in Technology of Architecture and Design (2010). In Ecoinnovazione she works on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), carrying out research and application-related activities in compliance to different standard (PEF, EN15804, Carbon Footprint) and for aims such as the development of EPDs, the quantification of environmental benefits of strategies/technological innovations for Circular Economy.

As researcher at Florence University (2011-2012), she worked on the assessment of the energy performance of building (dynamic methods) and on multi-criteria methods for building environmental quality evaluation (e.g. BREEAM, LEED). She worked at ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), within the LCA and Ecodesign Laboratory (2013–2016), where she conducted research on life-cycle based methodologies for sustainability evaluation (LCA, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, Carbon Footprint) and on LCA modeling for the End-of-Life of products. On behalf of ENEA, she took part to the development of Green Public Procurement criteria (European, Italian) for construction sector. Before joining Ecoinnovazione, she was scientific officer at the Joint Research Centre, where she worked on the use of LCA for policy development and on the assessment of the environmental impacts of the EU consumption in household appliances and housing sectors.

Laura Zanchi, Degree in Environmental Engineering and PhD. Degree in Industrial Engineering on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment methodology applied to the automotive sector.

Laura Zanchi joined Ecoinnovazione srl after a work experience (2011-2018) as researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering of Florence (Italy). During this period, she took part at the advancement and development of national and EU-funded projects in the field of automotive, waste management and renewable energies, dealing with sustainability assessment according to life cycle approach (Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing and Social Life Cycle Assessment). She worked also as LCA advisor for several companies in different sectors (e.g. automotive, cosmetic, delivery, logistic, food), dealing with LCA, Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint analysis (according to the ISO standards) also within the Italian national project of the Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare. She is reviewer for peer-reviewed international scientific journals in the field of sustainability assessment both from a methodology perspective and development to different engineering applications.